Dietary advice

Dietary advice is available from all of our Veterinary Surgeons and qualified Veterinary Nurses.

Puppies and kittens have very different nutritional requirements from adults. Similarly, older pets can benefit from supplements for joint health. At the various stages of life your pet’s energy requirements can also be quite different.

Our pets are all individuals and some diets are more appropriate for some than others so please feel free to discuss your needs with one of our vets or nurses.

We only recommend top quality foods for your pets and we can supply specialist varieties that are not generally available through high street outlets.

Food is a very important part of treatment for many diseases. These include such things as kidney, bladder, skin and intestinal ailments as well as mobility and weight problems. If a special diet is required for your pet this will be prescribed by your Vet.

For our larger pets we offer special Weight Watchers appointments.

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